Applicant Tracking System

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Features & Benefits

Organization Hierarchy and Individual roles:

  • Create your own organization hierarchy; define your own employee reporting structure.
  • Create multiple reporting hierarchies like senior manager/manager/ consultants etc
  • software has functionality to re-assign all the pending tasks/activities to new consultant/manager in event of sudden leave/resignation of a consultant/manager etc
  • Dynamically Assign/Change roles and responsibilities of all individuals.

Client Management:

  • Add new client/Manage client/contract details/Flat-Slab wise billing details for all types of industries; save client contract file (softcopy) with multiple domains.
  • Add multiple client contact person for same location or multiple locations.
  • Only designated authorities should be able to see and modify the information pertaining to client

Job Management:

  • Post vacancies for recruiters/consultant; assign to self, individual, selected people or all
  • Attach JD and Job summery for consultants or recruiters
  • Reassign the Jobs to other consultants or recruiters.
  • Reopen the closed jobs; modify the JD/job summery parameters.

Job Publishing:

  • Any job posted in ATS will be visible on website. Candidates can perform the job search how they perform on any job board without creating the login account but they are required to create an account first before they can apply for that position.
  • Job can also be assigned to approved vendors in the system.

Applicant Management:

  • The resumes of candidates who applied through career section of the website will now be seen in a separate queue of the recruiter and will only be available in the queue of the recruiters whom the jobs is assigned, though it’s also visible to other recruiters if they perform the search on whole database. If the candidate is shortlisted or rejected, the candidate will move from the recruiter’s queue.
  • Database will also have a flag, by which way the resume of the candidate came to database; i.e. through web, through parsing or referral etc.

Search Features:

  • Boolean search on resume text, key skills, total experience, current and previous organization, number of companies changed, age, current designation, highest education, current location etc and short the results based on freshness or resume relevance.
  • Boolean search functionality on comments given by consultants or recruiters on each candidate resumes.
  • Magic search based on various criterions like name, email, telephone, mobile, key skills etc with a power to combine the search results along with candidate education and location details.
  • Search within search option to precise the search results.
  • Save search option.
  • View complete candidate history before calling up the candidate for lineup.
  • Auto increase on candidate experience by 1 month on every 30 days
  • Track the submittals; multiple formatted resumes in a single mail with single tracker sheet or single resume in single mail with single tracker; both options are given.
  • Automatic creation of candidate Tracker sheet filled (Job id wise) with candidate details with every resume sent to client.
  • Option for multiple rounds of candidate interviews against a job vacancy; track the feedback at every stage.
  • Option of saving multiple feedbacks and rating against each candidate during interview cycle by people involved.
  • Automatic removal of selected or rejected candidates from Tracker sheet.
  • Individual/mass Mailing to candidates with pre-defined shared XML templates in database.
  • Individual/mass SMS to candidates with pre-defined shared XML templates in database.

Alerts (Email & SMS):

  • SMS alerts to line up candidates for interview; SMS reminder to candidate on a pre-defined time.
  • Automatic mails to candidates on a pre-defined internal to refresh their updated resumes.
  • Automatic B'day greeting Mails (in XML format) to candidates, clients and internal staff.
  • Automatic Mail (in XML format) to candidates on Lineup, selection or rejection.

Candidate Database History:

  • Old candidate database archival/deletion option based on time frame.
  • Option to find duplicate candidate based on telephone or cell phone number and delete the duplicate candidate.

Email System:

  • Advanced customizable XML/XSL based Email style sheets for client as well as internal communication.
  • Admin defined mail size restriction for each user.

Administrator Module:

  • Admin can set max number of view resumes for each consultant.
  • Master screen to add primary/secondary skills
  • Master screen to add role, add domain etc.
  • Open API configuration for sending SMS with any service provider.
  • Multiple SMTP configuration facility to save the mail against considering this a SPAM.

Reporting and History Management:

  • Extensive Importing/Exporting functionalities
  • Extensive customizable reporting. (Hardcopy, PDF, HTML, printable version) with automatic graphs on multiple parameters.
  • User customizable Lookup for Data Fields (Dashboard)
  • Tracking candidate interview history & rating.
  • See companies’ wide pipeline and billing info with graphs.
  • Consultant’s efficiency & activity report with graphs.
  • Client wise recruiter efficiency & activity report with graphs.
  • On demand customized reports (Reporting is done using crystal report as a tool)

Calendar & Schedule:

  • Manages all calendar activities: Calls, meetings, tasks, events, interview, etc; shared calendaring feature among team members; export and import with Microsoft outlook calendar.

Wikipedia and Forum:

  • Build your own Wikipedia power in the application.

Head hunting module:

  • Build the organization hierarchies based on company name, designation etc. Use reporting to option.
  • Make a small company profile of each client in database for consultant reference.

Security Features:

  • Form based authentication/ authorization, Password encryption in database, each user with separate login credentials and roles, automatic session expiry on idle time, IP logging, report on consultant logged in and log out time etc, not more than 1 user can login to application using 1 login id at a time.

Accessibility & Customization flexibility:

  • Access from anywhere using Web-Browser.
  • Centralized as well as individual Database for multiple offices.
  • Accessing without internet for single office (application to be hosted in local premises only option)
  • Customizable Product; we believe in selling solution rather than selling offshore the shelf product; everything can be customized as per the client needs. Compatibility with other Business applications like HRMS. Option of integration of RecruitPlus office Intranet /website.

Billing & Invoice Tracking:

  • Automatic Invoice generation, printing and Billing Management considering different applicable Taxes etc.
  • Management reporting on invoicing and billing.
  • Maintain client wise TDS summery
  • Alerts and reminders on invoicing and payment due date to internal management and to client as per contract terms and conditions
  • Data Export and Import compatibility and options with billing and invoicing software
  • Tight integration with ETES (Time entry systems) and CMS (Consultant Management systems) for billing and invoicing of employees on staffing model.