RecruitPlus – Line Manager System

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Features & Benefits

Client or Functional/Line Managers in Corporate:

  • LMS Module is meant for both corporate and consultants. For consultants, it’s the corporate which are termed as external clients. For corporate, it’s functional managers who are referred as internal clients.

Vacancy Publishing (Internal/External):

  • It helps bringing the external/internal clients online to post the requirement online on LMS, which comes in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to resource manager (in corporate context)/ account manager (in consultant context) to validate and assign to various recruiters in team; the requirement is then posted on Resource Management Module (RMS).

Vacancy and Associated Resume Management:

  • LMS allows external/internal clients to check the resumes sent by resource/account managers through ATS against the requirements posted on LMS, perform actions like shortlist or reject candidates at different level (e.g. short listed candidates for F2F interview, short listed candidates for job offer) and check candidate status online on LMS itself instead of using mail clients. Client can also check status of jobs (validated/ rejected/cancel/closed/reopened) and number of jobs is in process.

Employer Zone:

  • LMS facilitates both internal as well as external clients to check status of candidates corresponding any job (how many candidate are rejected/ shortlisted /lineup /selected) etc.

Employer Reports:

  • LMS facilitates both internal as well as external clients to check various reports pertaining to job and candidate status.


  • As a security measure, one client (whether internal or external) can’t see data pertaining to other clients.