Resume Parser Key differentiation With Competitors

  • Parsing accuracy – RecruitPlus Resume Parser parsing accuracy lies anywhere between 75-99%.
  • Parsing speed – In case of RecruitPlus Resume Parser API, it takes less than 5 second per CV to parse; RecruitPlus windows based parser parses almost 600-1000 CVs /hour per client machine.
  • Number of parameters to be parsed – RecruitPlus Resume Parser parses all cv parameters. We parse almost 80+ parameters from a candidate CV.
  • Scalability (how to scale up the operations without making changes to base code) – RecruitPlus Resume Parser uses caching engine; which enables user to scale up the parsing engine capabilities without putting additional cost on hardware/software etc.
  • User control on Database dictionary to populate with new skills, designations etc. without come to us for making these changes. – Since RecruitPlus Resume Parser has database dictionary in SQL database, hence client can enhance and populate the data dictionary with new key words/skills/designations/role/functional area/industry type etc. and enhance the parsing accuracy.

Note: The best part of our offerings is that we work with your team to increase the parsing accuracy level and can add any new parameters of your choice/ customize the parser and output as per your needs without any additional cost impact to you.